Saturday, November 12, 2011

Page 3 Undated

Here is the next installment of the diary.  We are still only at the very beginning and there is no actual writing of H. S. Archer.  It seems to be lists he kept of clothing being issued to individuals in the 32nd Mississippi Regiment.   Just as a note, I have utilized Fireworks to attempt to enhance the quality of the image by either lightening, darkening, or "blurring" to help with the transcription.  I have not done any altering to any of the text in any way.

Left side

Benj. P Ratliff,  Co  C
1  Hen Jains Coat
1  Pr. "  "  Pants
1  "  Drawers
1  Sleaved vest
2  Shirts 1 cotton, + 1 Lincey
2  Pr. socks Woolen
1  "  Gloves
1  Comfort
1  Pr Suspenders
1  Cape
2 Blankets

[line to separate next list]
J. B. Stewart   Co. c
1 Blankett
1 Pr. Gloves
1 Comfort
1 Knit Cap
Right Side
J J Johnson     Co A
2 Pr. Pants Jains
2  "   Socks
1  "  ? Shirt
1  "  fr Gloves
[line separating list items]

J W Rowlons   Co A
1 Pr pants
1  " socks
[line separating list items] 
A Bundle of clothing for
G. Wood Co A 32 Regt Miss
vol. The contents not

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