Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Page 6 - December 1, 1862 - through December 17, 1862

If this is your first time here and you want to read the previous posts click here. Each post consists of a transcription of two facing pages of the diary of Henry S. Archer, Quartermaster, 32nd Miss. Vol. This is page 6.  There is a seven day period from Dec 10th through Dec 16th when he does not make any entries.

Left Side

Station where we lay
over untill Monday mor-
ning. December Monday
1st 1862. We left for
Montgomery. Where we ?
? 5 o'clock. We left
Montgomery Tuesday morning
and came to Westpoint on
the 3rd. Lay over all night. 
Thursday morning 4th.
We then left for
? on the 5th. We arrived
there on the evening of the 5th
where we remained until
the 6th when we left for 
Moulton, Ga. December
Saturday 6th 1862 We report
to Chatanooga. We arrived
here today and hope to stay
here & can't tell how long.
The Lord's day Decemb 7th 1862.
We just lay around here

Right side
in an old box car. Dec.
Monday 8th I went out to a
home and got breakfast for
$1.00. December Tuesday 9th
Here I am in Chatanooga
yet I am very tired of this place
and I know the boys are need-
ing of the clothing which I have
for them but the road is
crowded with army stores
that they will not take my
clothing. I remained at
this point untill the mor
ning of the 17th Decem 17th
We left all right for
Bridgeport. Got there but
could not get across the
river. So I went out
in the country and
stayed all night with
one Mr. Todd. And when
we got got back to the